8th February 2017: Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Some features of the SC10 shuttle controller are better described with the help of a short video than with the written instruction manual.


The SC10 allows control of static accessories such as point motors. Here's a demonstration of an accessory being added to the controller and then being switched in manual mode.


All 29 locomotive functions can be controlled in manual and shuttle modes, but they must be assigned to individual locomotives first. This video shows how to set up both toggle and momentary functions for use with a sound locomotive.

The videos are both available to view on the instructions page and on my Youtube channel.


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19th July 2016: Model SC10 On Sale Now

Model SC10 On Sale Now

I'm pleased to announce that the Model SC10 shuttle controller is now available from the online shop. Availability of the SC10 controller follows a long period of product development, but the first few units are available from today.

The SC10 allows control of DCC locomotives in manual mode, just like a standard DCC controller and shuttle mode, which stops the train at terminus and through stations. In addition to controlling speed and direction, full access to the 29 DCC locomotive functions is provided, allowing control of locomotive lights and sounds. Stationary accessories, such as point motors and signals, can also be controlled in manual mode.

As well as controlling your layout in operations mode, the SC10 allows programming of any DCC CV (configuration variable) through the programming feature. Common CVs are referenced by name in the programming menu, but any CV can be programmed by number. Your 20 most used locomotives (including their supported functions) and 20 most used accessories can be stored in the controller, so operating the layout does not depend on remembering an individual locomotive's address or functions.

I hope you will agree that the features included with the SC10 make it worth the wait.

A small range of accessories are available for purchase with the controller. The electrical box enclosure gives more protection for the SC10 controller, making it easier to move the SC10 between layouts. A barrel jack adapter provides an easy way to use the SC10 with your existing power supply.

The controller itself is priced at £59, which I hope represents good value for money for a complete DCC controller. Accessories and shipping are available for a small additional cost. To ensure the security of your card details when purchasing the controller, payments can be made through Paypal. Payments will only be taken when your order is ready for dispatch, which will be the same day in most cases.

As always, I can be contacted at with any questions you have.


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29th June 2016: Video


I've made a promotional video for the upcoming Model SC10 controller; here it is on Youtube.


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