4th September 2016: New Product: Servo Decoder

Servo Decoder

The use of servo motors for animating layout features, in particular the movement of points, has become very popular. With this in mind, today I can reveal the first details of the next Midland Scale Regulators product.

Servo Decoder

This compact (5cm x 5cm) servo decoder module accurately controls up to eight servo motors. Connect the module to the two-wire DCC bus, from which it receives power and commands, and it's ready to use. The module is compatible with traditional DC layouts, too: half of the servo outputs can also be used as inputs, with simple switches controlling each of four servo motors.

The module is easy to set up. It incorporates a button for quickly centering the servo motors during installation, resulting in a servo calibration that is perfect first time. If needed, the range of the servo movement and the speed can be adjusted by writing CVs from any DCC controller.

Like all Midland Scale Regulators products, the servo decoder will come with a comprehensive, printed instruction manual. A copy of the instruction manual will also be available to download from this website, as well as a guide to installing servo motors below points on a layout.

The sale price of the decoder has not yet been finalised, but it is expected to be priced competitively with contemporary systems and traditional solenoid-type point motors. My aim is to have the decoder on sale by the week commencing Monday, 10th October.


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