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3rd October 2017: Points Master Availability

Points Master Availability

Stocks of the Points Master module are back to normally levels. One batch is ready for sale now; another batch of components is ready for assembly into new modules when required.

Accessories for the Points Master are also in stock. I have plenty of SG90 servos and extension leads ready to ship as required with Points Master modules.

The next batch of shuttle controllers is partly assembled at the moment. They will be available via the website once assembly and testing is complete, which is likely to be one week from today.


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14th August 2017: Now!


A limited number of the new Points Master boards are now available. Orders made in the online shop will be shipped within 24 hours.

A new instruction manual accompanies the new version. It can be found on the instructions page or downloaded directly as a PDF.


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8th August 2017: Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

Two weeks ago, I introduced the new Points Master board, with the aim of having it ready for sale last week. At the moment, I have a small batch of these boards constructed and am waiting on the delivery of more components before completing another batch. The instructions, which will be much shorter than for the previous version due to the shallower learning curve with this model, are almost complete.

On the firmware side, there are just a few pieces of testing left to complete. Servo movement is very smooth thanks to an improved algorithm and I'm making sure that it works well for fast actions like signals and slower actions like level crossing gates. A redesigned power supply eliminates servo 'jitter' while reducing the power load on the DCC controller.

The new version will also feature 'programming on the main' functionality. This will allow for more convenient programming of CVs with the unit in situ on a layout and without having to reconnect wires. The angular range and speed will be configurable per servo output. The speed can also be configured for all servos simultaneously by writing to an additional CV.


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23rd July 2017: Points Master Revision One

Points Master Revision One

I'm pleased to announce the upcoming availability of the Points Master Revision One board. This is is the sucessor to the original Points Master board and has improvements to make it easier to set up and use. The new revision dispenses with manual push button control and focuses entirely on DCC. It also features a straightforward plastic case to protect the unit from accidental bumps and scrapes wherever it is situated.

Points Master Revision One

This new revision is undergoing final tests at the moment. I hope to have it on sale during the week commencing Monday 31st July.


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