A comprehensive, printed instruction manual is supplied with all our products. The same instructions are provided here as PDF files for you to familiarise yourself with the products before purchasing.

Points Master

The Points Master is a servo control module for DC and DCC layouts.

PM2 Points Master DCC/DC Servo Module (PDF)

Here's a recommended method for installing servo motors below points on a baseboard.

Servo Installation below a Baseboard

Model SC10

Model SC10 DCC Shuttle Controller (PDF) Revised 20/10/2016

Video Tutorials

The SC10 allows control of static accessories such as point motors. Here's a demonstration of an accessory being added to the controller and then being switched in manual mode.

All 29 locomotive functions can be controlled in manual and shuttle modes, but they must be assigned to individual locomotives first. This video shows how to set up both toggle and momentary functions for use with a sound locomotive.

Both these tutorials can also be viewed on my Youtube channel.

Older Products

Original Model Points Master DCC/DC Servo Module (PDF)