Frequently Asked Questions

Points Master Servo Module

What type of layout is this module compatible with?

The module is compatible with DCC layouts without any additional equipment. The module takes both power and commands from the DCC supply.

How is the module configured?

The module is configured by writing configuration variables (CVs) with a DCC controller. The default configuration allows the module to be used on a DC layout without a DCC controller. A quick setup mode can be used to set the address in DCC mode; refer to the instruction manual for full details.

Model SC10 DCC Shuttle Controller

What type of power supply can be used with the controller?

The controller accepts power from any DC power supply outputting between 12V and 16V. A 12V DC regulated supply is recommended to ensure the best performance.

Will I need to change my layout to use the automatic shuttle mode?

You will need to add isolating sections to the stretch of line that the automatic shuttle will run on. Instructions on how to do this are supplied with the controller, or can be downloaded from this page.

Can the controller detect non-motorised rolling stock on the track?

Yes. This feature is useful for detecting the trailer car of a multiple unit so that the unit stops at the same spot no matter which way it is facing. Rolling stock with lighting will be detected without modification; rolling stock without lighting or other current draw will require the addition of a 10k resistor between the rails.

How many locomotives can be in motion simultaneously?

One locomotive may be in motion; this is sufficient for small layouts and makes the controller easier to use.

Do I need a computer to configure the controller?

No. The controller is a stand alone device and is configured using the built in display.

Do I need any special tools to connect the controller to the layout?

The only tool required is a screwdriver for connecting wires to the controller's screw terminals. You will need to use your own preferred method for wiring the track (advice is provided in the instructions).

I have a question not answered here.

More information on setting up and using the controller is provided in the instruction manual. If you have a question not answered there, I can be contacted directly at