'Points Master' DCC Servo Module

Points Master Splash

The compact 'Points Master' module is an all-in-one servo motor controller in a tiny, 5x5cm package. This module controls four servos motors directly from a DCC controller. It's easy to set the speed and angular range of each servo

There is one button on the module; press this button to enter setup mode. All servo motors connected to the module will be positioned at the centre of their range, allowing easy installation below points. The module will then take the addess of the next accessory packet sent by the DCC controller - no CV programming is required to set up the module.

DCC Shuttle Controller

DCC Automatic Shuttle Controller
Model SC10 DCC Automatic Shuttle Controller


MSR controllers are available exclusively through the online shop. If you have any queries about any MSR products, I can be contacted directly at contact@midlandscaleregulators.uk.

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Midland Scale Regulators was founded in 2016 to provide DCC controllers and accessories to the model railway enthusiast. We design and manufacture original products in the United Kingdom.

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